Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Strange world

You know it is a strange turn of events when you find something that James Taranto (editor of Best of the Web Today) and Ted Rall (opinionated left-wing wack-o) agree on something, even if only at a single point.

From Best of the Web Today, July 30, 2002:

The U.S. is partly to blame for this shameful state of affairs, but not because we have supported Israel, the only country in the region that has democracy, free expression and the rule of law. Rather, the problem is our support for Arab governments that provide none of these things.
And from Ted:

Withdrawing our support for the corrupt Saudi dictatorship might lead to a less pro-American regime, for example, but it would begin to inoculate us from the mostly-justified criticism that we pro-democracy Americans promote oppression wherever it suits our business interests.
All right, all right, much of the rest of Ted's column is the usual nonsense, but here is a single point of commonality. Gives one...hope.

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