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BD/DVD: X-Men & Thor

Let’s start with X-Men: First Class: Short version: Great film; buy it, watch it, love it. The story takes place in the early 1960’s, around the time (and events) of the Cuban missile crisis. The film follows the young and ambulatory Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) meeting and befriending the young and angry Eric Lehnscherr (Michael Fassbender). The man who will become Professor X hasn’t lost his hair or the use of the legs yet, and the man who will become Magneto isn’t quite yet a villain, though he is one very, very angry individual. First and foremost, this is a film about friendship, and that makes it wonderful. Xavier wants to find and train mutants in the use of their powers and how to blend with human society. Lehnscherr, scarred both from a childhood spent in Nazi concentration camps and time spent with Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon) is less tolerant of humans but equally fascinated to find others like himself. Watching McAvoy and Fassbender play off each other is a joy. Surpri…