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Can you say it better?

And Judge William Young said to Richard Reid:

This is the sentence that is provided for by our statutes. It is a fair and a just sentence. It is a righteous sentence. Let me explain this to you.

We are not afraid of any of your terrorist co-conspirators, Mr. Reid. We are Americans. We have been through the fire before. There is all too much war talk here. And I say that to everyone with the utmost respect.

Here in this court where we deal with individuals as individuals, and care for individuals as individuals, as human beings we reach out for justice.

You are not an enemy combatant. You are a terrorist. You are not a soldier in any war. You are a terrorist. To give you that reference, to call you a soldier gives you far too much stature. Whether it is the officers of government who do it or your attorney who does it, or that happens to be your view, you are a terrorist.

And we do not negotiate with terrorists. We do not treat with terrorists. We do not sign documents…
I live

Shocking, I say. Proof that strange things happen to anyone, because I have survived the holidays. Yippee!

Actually, this entry is more of a test. Seems I have successfully downloaded ISO images, burned the requisite CD's, and installed from said CD's Red Hat Linux 8.0. Easiest Linux install I've ever run. Recognized everything in my system without a hiccup. Easily trumped past attemps with Mandrake (8.1), Corel Linux (1.0), and one other the name of which flees my sagging brain even as I type. Ah well.

And will wonders never cease, Blogger doesn't seem to mind the rendition of Mozilla that RH installed. Mozilla under Win2k Pro doesn't get along with Blogger. Here, no problem. Go figure.

Am I converting full time? Dunno. Doubt it. Need Win2k on the laptop for school. For home, though, as I kick one or more of The Brood off the computer, I'll be rebooting into RH for more of a look-see. I'll probably even run Partition Magic on the second box and install …