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A new year, a new template, a new post. Yippee.

I really have to keep more up to date here. So much has happened since Arnie's bloodless right-wing coup d'etat take over of California. As predicted by the radical elements of the left-left-oh-so-very-left wing, his stormtroopers quickly consolidated power. You didn't see that in the news? See how much control the vast, vast, oh say very vast, right-wing conspiracy has? The media is ours, bwahaha!

Where was I? Oh, yeah, new year....

This is caucus day. I wonder which sad case will become the new Democrat front-runner? And "sad case" is just so kind a way of putting it. Really, they all suck like a vacuum cleaner. A Kirby. Something could suck cheese from a dead rat's, er, posterior. I'm really not interested enough in any of them to make an extensive comment. At best they are so boring. At worse...oh, let's so not go there. When there actual is a Democrat candidate, I'll rant more. For now, ugh. I f…