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A Brief Lesson In Why California is Economically Dysfunctional

State budget woes grow deeper as rosy projections come up shortWashington hasn't come to the rescue. Hopes for a tax windfall were dashed last month.As the reality of a $20 billion deficit sets in, California leaders are bracing for another summer of difficult state budget talks.Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger will kick off serious budget discussions Friday with his May budget revision.(Emphasis mine.)The California state budget process looks something like this:By January 10 of every year, the Governor presents his state budget to the Legislature (California Constitution Article 4 Section 12(a)).The Legislature hashes at it.By mid-May, the Governor submits his May revise, the “revise” taking into account changes in the economy, shifting spending priorities, etc.The Legislature resumes chewing.The Legislature must pass the budget bill by June 15 (California Constitution Article 4 Section 12(c)(3)).El Guv has certain line item veto authority, but in general he either approves or rejects…

Iron Man 2

The question on everyone's mind: Is Iron Man 2 as good as Iron Man?For myself the answer is no, it's not as good, it's better. That's my pure gut reaction and subject to change after I've seen it again (and again). It's not a fair comparison at the moment because I've seen Iron Man more than a few times, and enjoy it each and every time.Nonetheless, there's a certain something to the sequel. Generally in the pattern of superhero films, the first film tells the tale of how our hero became super. The second film is about the period of adjustment, how our superhero is adapting to their new role in life. The best examples include Spider Man and Spider Man 2, as well as Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.In loose fashion, Iron Man 2 hews to that template, but gives it a gentle spin. The significant difference between Iron Man and other superheroes is that he doesn't have a secret identity. Tony Stark has already publicly declared he's Iron Man, so unl…