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Captain America: The Winter Soldier

I’m in a distinct minority in believing that Captain America: The First Avenger was the best of Marvel’s “phase one” superhero movies. Sure, the various Iron Man films rock but that’s entirely due to the marvelous performance of Robert Downey Jr. In contrast to Tony Stark’s flamboyance as Iron Man, Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) is just a regular man who is turned into a super soldier. After singlehandedly winning World War 2 (at least in Europe, or at least against HYDRA, people so evil that even the Nazis rejected them), Rogers found himself frozen. He slept, and woke up in time to facilitate the defeat of Loki in The Avengers. And now he’s back again, in his second solo film, Captain America: The Winter Soldier. For the most part, the film is great. Everyone hits their marks, no one has a lousy performance, the dialogue is good to great, etc. The plot is even intriguing, the writers and directors opting to turn this into a “political thriller” in the vein of Three Days of the Condor. C…