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iTunes Sucks

It's as simple as that. The single worst aspect of owning an iPad is iTunes. It's miserable software, something Apple should be embarrassed about. Most any other music manager kicks iTunes all around the block; Zune crushes it. The only thing iTunes has going for it is the size and variety of its music library. Actual using the software, especially for getting content on and off an iPad (and, presumably, an iPod, iPhone, etc.), is a horrible user experience.

I have a substantial music library (280GB and growing). My first complaint with iTunes is that it doesn't recognize the entire library. Gigabytes are missing, and due to the size of my library it's near impossible to tell what wasn't imported. Fortunately, because of the size of the library it may be years before I stumble upon what's "missing."

In order to add content to that library, I either have to purchase it through iTunes (generally the most expensive way to go, but I'll admit it's wo…