Monday, July 22, 2002

Junk science scores

California to slash cars' carbon gases

When California Gov. Gray Davis signs a car emissions bill into law on Monday, he'll be taking on not just the U.S. automotive industry but also President Bush. The law will require sharp cuts in emissions of carbon dioxide, a gas many scientists fear is warming the Earth. The industry and the president oppose mandatory cuts, but several other states -- New York among them -- could follow California's path.
Wonderfully slanted article, but is "fair and balanced" compared to the radio news report I listen to this morning on NPR, which didn't even bother to present any opposing view, just Cal EPA director Hickox.

The numbers are simple, and they say that if California eliminated all "greenhouse gas production" it wouldn't have a squat's worth of influence on the global numbers. It's all show, a demonstration of state "leadership." Oh, it is to gag. What I loved about Hickox, listening to his unchallenged rhetoric on the radio, was his assertion that they're already demonstrating and using these alleged greenhouse gas reduction technologies in Europe.

Hello! Hello! Is anyone honest and intelligent in there? The question was doesn't a reduction in carbon dioxide production only come from an improvement in fuel economy? In other words, better gas mileage equals lower carbon dioxide production. Simple math, basic chemistry. Hickox dances around this quite nicely, while all the while saying how the Europeans are reducing CO2 production, etc.. Yet, you listen to his examples of their technologies and they all involve reducing fuel consumption.

Bozo. And last time I checked, California had the toughest emissions regs in the world. And Europe is a better example?


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