Saturday, September 16, 2006

DVD: Find Me Guilty

Love it. Read about it here, buy it here. Or wherever.

I want Vin Diesel to get an Oscar, or at least a nomination. I've like him ever since you could barely recognize his voice. And he was perfect as both Caparzo and Riddick. Here, he is almost completely out of his element; he only gets in one on-screen fight. And he loses!

For me, Diesel makes the film. Sidney Lumet has done better, he's even done staggeringly great. He's also done much worse. His direction here is average and quiet, which is a good thing since it puts Diesel front and center.

Bullet-point synopsis: During the longest Mafia trial in history, Vin Diesel plays a lower-echelon thug who defends himself at trial.

There, that's it, that's the plot. And Diesel does a great job, better than you would imagine him doing with a talking role. Go get it, watch it, kick back and have a good time. One of the few times I didn't mind cheering for thugs!

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