Monday, September 18, 2006

CNN, clueless revisionists of history

OMG, when I read this, I almost fell out of my chair:

The pope's speech in Germany last week -- in which he appeared to endorse a Christian view, contested by most Muslims, that early Muslims spread their religion by violence -- has sparked protests around the world.

Emphasis mine, because it's not a "Christian view", its historic fact. Islam came into being during the 700's and within three centuries had swept most of northern Africa, mostly by conquest and imposition. Eventually they invaded Spain and Italy.

From Wikipedia on Islam:

Secular historians place Islam's beginnings during the late 7th century in Arabia. Under the leadership of Muhammad and his successors, Islam rapidly spread by religious conversion and military conquest.

Hello, Earth calling CNN, because what in the hell do you think triggered the first Crusade? Hello, it was because Muslims kicked the Christians out and they wanted back in!

For a short-hand edition of why CNN is -- at best -- insane re this issue, read FAQ - Islam Edition.

(HT: LGF and this entry for the original CNN link, though he makes a different point.)

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