Thursday, August 17, 2006

Jimmuh Cahtuh, flaming tard at large

In case you hadn't noticed, I have no (as in zero, none, nada) respect for Jimmy Carter. This has long been the case, beginning in 1977 when he took the Oath of Office for the presidency. I think he made my skin actually crawl during his campaign, even more so when he begged for re-election in 1980. It was in 1980 that I lost all hope for the man, when he conceded the race to Reagan, several hours before the polls in California closed. I remember that moment vividly because my father and I were getting off work (5ish) and on our way to vote when Carter's concession was announced on the radio. To say that my dad, a lifelong Democrat, was pissed is a vivid understatement.

Since then, Cahtuh has done nothing to redeem himself in my eyes. Oh, there's that whole "habitat for humanity" thing, but I believe he does that in some quest to salvage his soul, personal aggrandizement, rather than the altruistic urge he advertises. Where he completely drives me up a fig tree is when he pontificates on the Middle East. And I know exactly what I mean by "pontificate" and it is precisely applicable to his gaping pie hole.

(See, I really don't like Massuh Cahtuh, no not at all.)

His recent interview with Spiegel is a case in point. Aside from being his usual pious yet pompous nonsense, he gets almost everything precisely wrong. (In fact, he's so good at that you can generally take anything he says, turn it 180 degrees about, and find the truth.)

Despite the obsequious nature of most of the interviewer's questions, Cahtuh couldn't bring himself to answer the questions given. Instead, he launched in self-praise about the treaty he brokered, etc. He slimes that he got a treaty between Egypt and Israel despite the election of Begin. Thus, in a single phrase he implicates that Israel has always been the problem, the force against peace, in the Middle East, and negates the fact that, hey, 'tard, Begin won that Peace Prize right alongside Sadat!

God forgive me, but I really dislike this man. Can't he just learn to stfu?

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