Saturday, August 26, 2006

And Ubuntu sucks...again!

Look, I really want to like this stuff. I had reach a level of tolerance with OpenOffice sufficient to tempt me to use it all the time. I love the interface, especially when I can kick over to WindowMaker.

But, damn, it's amazing to me that the screensaver can bring my computer to its knees! Once it kicks in, my only recourse is the reset button. I can't get crash out of the x-server. The system is locked tight, Windows NT blue screen of death tight.

So, I've downloaded images for openSUSE and PCLinuxOS. It is time to walk away from Ubuntu. And, damn, it seems so close. Then again, if I "fixed" this I'd next have to figure out why Amarok is silent, yet every other mp3 player works just fine.


UPDATE: Found out this might be the result of a bad patch, though probably not because that crash was the one I already re-installed to correct. So now I'm dual booting into openSUSE v10.1, and I hate it already. I'm sure that somewhere there's a slower operating system, but I don't want to find it. I stand on the edge, ready to just Partition Magic the thing out of existence and give over my entire HDD to The Gatesian Empire (cue heavy breathing).

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