Thursday, August 1, 2002

My weekend plans include...

'Signs' a thrilling ride

In the middle of the night, Graham's daughter wakes him with the news that "there's a monster outside my room -- can I have a glass of water?" Soon Graham and Merrill are chasing someone, or something, around the outside of the farmhouse. Then Morgan calls them into the corn fields, where he has made a frightening discovery. With dogs howling in the background, the family finds huge patterns have been pressed into their fully grown corn fields.
The previews for this film have been perfect. It looks as though this could be an absolutely chilling thrill ride of a film.

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iPad Pro 10.5

So of course, I no sooner write that I don’t own an iOS device than, voila, I buy an iOS device. The iPad Pro 10.5, complete with Smart Keyb...