Tuesday, August 6, 2002

Clinton's Black Hawk History

The Wall Street Journal has this featured article which reiterates much of what has been said about Clinton's recent attempt to blame the Battle of the Black Sea (Black Hawk Down) on President Bush Version 1.

We can understand Mr. Clinton wanting to defend himself, but as usual he can't get his own facts straight. His introduction of Somalia here is one of those breathtakingly brazen attempts to dodge responsibility for which Mr. Clinton is justly famous.


President Bush the Elder sent U.S. forces into Somalia in December 1992 to aid the United Nations in relieving a massive famine. In May of 1993, four months into his term, President Clinton declared that mission accomplished and pulled out most of the U.S. force.


[B]ack in Somalia, with no U.S. deterrent, Somalia's warlords began fighting again. After a series of bloody attacks on U.N. peacekeepers, Mr. Clinton launched a new mission: In August 1993, he sent in a force of Rangers and Special Forces units to capture the brutal warlord Mohammad Farrah Aidid and restore order.
[Emphasis mine.]

Thus, Bush v1 really had nothing to do with the events in Somalia that have come to be known as Black Hawk Down. It's Clinton all the way, rah rah rah!

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