Friday, March 23, 2007

About Today's Iraq Vote....

I was thinking up some choice words, but I found that someone else beat me to 'em:

Capitol Hill Democrats have once again proved their inability to make Washington work in the right manner.

The Democrat Congress' maneuver to micromanage our military efforts from their offices on Capitol Hill, along with the fiscally deplorable action of loading up a wartime spending bill with pork barrel earmarks unrelated to our military's fight against terrorism has provided the American people with yet another example of the Washington mindset run amok.

Democrats in Washington have established a dangerous policy that essentially provides the enemy a planning calendar with a date certain surrender. By voting for such a policy, they have jeopardized our chances for success and endangered the mission of establishing democracy and defeating the terrorists in Iraq.

All Americans want our troops out of Iraq, but we should never do so in a way that would jeopardize American security. Setting a public timeline without consideration of future circumstances, as they may exist at that time, is reckless and irresponsible.

I urge President Bush to veto this measure and send a clear message to Washington Democrats that they must not and will not undermine the efforts of the United States military.

Source: Governor Mitt Romney on Today's Iraq Vote.

I'm not a Mormon and I'm not a Republican and I don't even know if I'll vote for Romney come 2008, but here and now I'm in perfect agreement with him.

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