Sunday, October 15, 2006

Of movies and music

Like an idiot, I ordered up a flock of movie soundtracks this last week. I'll be eating Top Ramen this month, but now I've got my copies of Underworld: Evolution (Marco Beltrami) and Birth (Alexandre Desplat). The Aviator (Howard Shore) is on the way, as is Courage Under Fire (James Horner). I am resisting -- so far -- the urge to run down my Amazon wish list and click buy, buy, buy them all! My creditors would be dismayed. Besides, I have to be ready to buy the soundtrack to The Fountain (I hope that's the right link; music by Clint Mansell).

Not too long ago, I wrote about James Newton Howard. I mentioned I miss the glory that was and is Jerry Goldsmith. I still do. I looked at the post and saw where I referred to this, this, and this. (Hey lookee, this time I included the links!) Those are just samples of Goldsmith, and arguably not his best. (They're just my favorites.) I look at the soundtracks I've ordered recently (see above) and still find myself wondering: Who is the next Jerry Goldsmith?


There, that's my short list. JNH already produces moments that make me cry, he's just a little all over the place most of the time. Beltrami just rocks and is having waaay too much fun. Some day he's going to crank out a seriously serious score and the heavens will weep.

So there's no point to this post. I'm just rambling, thinking out loud. And I really miss Jerry.

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